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GrandiOdyssey Build Overview

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Hello to everyone from the adventure community!

Over the past year and my wife and I have been building and testing our 2019 Toyota Tacoma for an epic overland adventure around the entire world starting in New Zealand in late 2020 and ending in San Diego, CA in late 2022. We wanted to document that entire build process here from start to finish to serve as a guide for anyone attempting anything similar or people that are just curious.

Our planned route will take us through approximately 68 countries and cover over 85,000 miles in two years and should put the Tacoma through the test in all possible terrains and situations imaginable. The mission is to see the world as it truly is on the ground and how we can continue our objective of making the world a better place going forward. When selecting a vehicle and planning the build we set out with a list of requirements in order to get us around the world safely, efficiently, and in comfort.

The vehicle had to:

  • Easily fit in a 20ft shipping container

  • Be 4WD with low range with at least a rear locking differential

  • Have enough ground clearance and skid protection for most easy to medium off-road trails

  • Have enough living space for two without feeling cramped

  • Have creature comforts like fans, sink, refrigerator, heater, etc.

  • Have a living quarters powered by solar

  • Have at least 15 gallons of fresh water capacity with a filtration system

  • Be able to travel over 500 miles of range without refueling

  • Run on 87 octane gasoline

  • Average over 15 miles per gallon

  • Be able to carry all two occupants with all gear needed for our expedition

  • Have one spare rear seat for guides/ fixers

  • Be able to be serviced all over the world

  • Be small enough to drive on narrow city streets and technical off-road trails

  • Lightweight enough to drive safely without excess wear and tear

In the next post, we will go into detail about why chose the setup that we did and how put the build together….

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